Trap Neuter Return (TNR)


what is it?

Trap Neuter Return is an effort in which not friendly, feral cats are trapped, spayed or neutered, given vaccines, microchipped, ear tipped and returned back to the area where they were trapped.

The ear tip is the international symbol that lets people know the cat has been altered, vaccinated and is a valued member of the community. 



TNR immediately stabilizes the size of a cat colony.  Sterilizing 100 percent of the colony will result in a gradual decline of the population over time. In addition, the nuisance behavior often associated with feral cats is dramatically reduced. This includes the yowling and noise that comes with fighting and mating activity and the odor of unneutered males spraying to mark their territory. The cats tend to roam less and so become less of a visible presence, yet continue to provide natural rodent control, a valuable benefit in urban areas. Because there are hundreds of thousands of free-roaming cats, and because the vast majority cannot be homed, TNR is the best solution.



Right now TNR is funded by public participation, which means anyone who would like to participate would need to purchase the low cost vouchers to have the surgery performed. What you need to do is come into the office and purchase a $40 voucher which covers the cost of the sterilization. You must purchase a microchip and have it registered with us to make the process fall under code for the city ordinance. The cost of a microchip for TNR is $8. When you take the cat to the sterilization appointment, be sure to ask for a rabies vaccine to be given. This vaccine is required by state and local law to participate. The voucher does not cover the cost of the vaccine. 

Once established with our office as abiding by the proper process to TNR cats, you will be given a Cat Caregiver Certificate. This will state that you are abiding by the proper process to maintain these cats, in the event a complaint is made to the city. 


what we do

When feral cats are brought into the shelter we make every attempt to take donations to cover the surgery cost for these cats to get them released back to the area they came from. Male TNR's cost $35 and female TNR's cost $40. Once we fully vet them with our veterinarian on staff, we let them recover and then set them free back to the exact same area in which they were trapped. 

We are a non-profit and rely solely on public donations for these cats, every contribution helps save a life!

You can donate through our website on our donation page or by calling our office and paying over the phone. Please be sure to indicate you would like your donation put towards TNR.