Welcome to our Resource Center

Congratulations on your new pet! We are so happy you chose a shelter to pet as a companion! By adopting a pet you saved a life, and we would like to provide you with some resources to start your new relationship off right! Below you will find links to pages covering some basic speed bumps new adopters face when welcoming their new pet. Remember to keep trying, and to have patience with your new pet, as they came from all different backgrounds before they found their forever home with you. And most importantly remember that we as people aren't perfect, so we can't expect our pets to come to us that way either.

Try, try again!

Crate Training



Obedience Training


Shelter dogs aren't perfect, and aren't going to come fully trained in most cases. (Unless you're super lucky.) Be patient and seek the help of a professional trainer to help your pet transition to their new home. Be patient as it won't happen over night and try, try again!

Potty Training

When choosing your new pet you will have lots of questions, one main one being, are they house-trained? Being brought in as a stray to the shelter, we have no way of knowing their past. (Despite wishing they could tell us.) So be prepared to have a little work ahead of you. Be patient and understanding, and give it time.




Flea and Tick Prevention


Fleas and ticks are a serious problem here in the Texas Panhandle. We have exceptional conditions in which they thrive, and in turn, many animals suffer. Prevention for your pets is the first step to keeping your animals healthy and safe. Also be sure to treat your yard, to prevent infestation.