The Amarillo-Panhandle Humane Society has many goals that need your help!  Over the past two years, APHS has facilitated finding homes for over 12,945 animals.  Not only cats and dogs, but horses, goats, pigs, snakes, birds, ferrets and many more!  Since 2012, we have been drastically improving the lives of Panhandle animals by getting animals out of the shelter through rescue, transport, foster and adoption.  With the help of donors like you, we have recently purchased our own transport van which travels many times a week to take animals to their new homes; sometimes within the state of Texas and sometimes all the way across country!  In addition to our transport van, we also now have a mobile surgery trailer at our facility.  We can now perform spays and neuters on all of our adopted animals and with the help of donors like you, we hope to begin performing low cost spays and neuters for animals in our community.  These goals take a lot of heart and a lot of money, but with help, we will make our goals a reality.  Please consider donating to APHS today.  Our furry friends thank you!


How can you help?


Donate Funds

It takes a lot of funding to keep all of our animals healthy and safe.  Any monetary donation will be greatly appreciated and put to good use.  Every little bit helps, so donate today!

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Foster an animal (or two!)

  • Maybe you don't have the ability to adopt an animal for the rest of its life, but you can still help save a life!  Fostering is providing a temporary home for a dog or cat until it gets adopted or leaves on a transport.  Please contact our foster coordinator at for more information. 


Donate the following items:




Small containers to be used as litter boxes

Kitten formula

Cat and Dog carriers

Cleaning supplies

Come to our events and volunteer!

  • We need volunteers at PetSmart, Saturday and Sunday from 1 - 5 pm. 

  • We need volunteers to help us exercise specific animals and assist with laundry at the shelter.

  • Volunteer for our upcoming events!