Discount Spay and Neuter Options

Affordable Sterilization at APHS

APHS now offers affordable spay and neuter options to the public! Please call our office (806-373-1716) and ask to speak to a Vet Administrator to get an appointment for your pet today!

Pet Sterilization Discount Card

We offer Pet Sterilization Discount Cards in our office. These coupons are free to the public, and offer a specific percent off of your scheduled surgery. (Each vet decides how much of a discount they offer. Please call the participating vet's offices listed to ask for their particular discount amount.) This card does not work for vaccines or extra procedures, just the basic surgery.

We also have a NEW printable version available below. Please print the card below and take it to your appointment. 

Participating Clinics:

Amarillo Veterinary Clinic : 806-373-7454                   Swann Animal Hospital 45th: 806-355-9443

Coulter Animal Hospital : 806-353-6673                     Swann Animal Hospital HIllside: 806-803-9105

Hope Veterinary Clinic : 806-353-556                         Timbercreek Small Animal Hospital: 806-488-2616

(Please Note:  Swann Animal Hospital on 45th only accepts these for existing clients)


Spay and Neuter Solutions for Cats

We partner with a wonderful private citizen who offers $40 vouchers to the public to spay or neuter their CATS. The voucher covers the basic surgery, it does not apply to vaccines or if the animal has complications. (In heat, pregnant, or cryptorchid.)

Just come into our office or Animal Lodge to pick up the voucher. We accept cash or check only for these vouchers. We have 6 participating veterinarians in this program, and will give you the list of vets and instructions on how to make your appointment!


No Balls for Baxter






Amarillo SPCA

The Amarillo SPCA offers low cost, pre-paid vouchers. These vouchers are $65 for dogs 40 lbs and under. If the dog is over 40 lbs, there will be an additional fee of $25. The participating vet for this program is Lone Star Veterinary Services. You can contact the Amarillo SPCA at 806-622-0555 for more information.