Barn Cat Program

What is a barn cat? A barn cat is a cat who is not friendly, sometimes feral, who is fit to mouse, and keep pest populations under control on your personal property. 

Do I need an actual barn to have a barn cat? You don't necessarily need a barn, but you do need to provide some sort of structural shelter to keep them out of the elements, as well as daily food and fresh water.

Do I need to be outside the city limits to adopt a barn cat? Yes, you must live out of the City of Amarillo limits to adopt and keep a barn cat. If you are interested in pest control for your area and you are inside the city limits, you may participate in Trap, Neuter, Return options for the cats who already live in your neighborhood. 

Is there a difference between Trap, Neuter, Return and a Barn Cat? Yes, barn cats are adopted to a specific person, vetted and released, for mousing on their own personal property, outside of the city limits. TNR cats, are trapped in the location where they are already established, vetted and returned to the same location they were established. These cats are not brought to a new location, and do not belong to a specific owner. 

Does my barn cat have to be fixed?  Absolutely.  All animals who leave our facility MUST be spayed or neutered by Texas state law. It is an old farmer's tale that cats who are fixed, won't stick around your property. 


Barn Cat Adoption Fees are $50.00

This covers the mandatory spay/neuter, 1st and 2nd FVRCP vaccines, rabies vaccine, eartip and a microchip.

Head out to our shelter at 3501 S Osage to see our cats eligible for the Barn Cat Program.