Our Mission

APHS works to provide a pathway for animals of the Texas Panhandle to find loving homes through adoption, foster, rescue and transport. 

APHS seeks to educate the public about the benefits of spaying and neutering their pets and to provide avenues of low cost spay and neuter for our community. 



*We are located at the Amarillo City Shelter. We do not intake or place any animals from the public. Our role is facilitating the adoptions of the animals in danger of euthanasia which are currently in the city's care. *

Adoption Policies and Procedures

Here at APHS we are dedicated to finding the perfect fit for a forever home for our pets. 

We are located at a stray shelter. What does that mean? It means we rarely have any background history of the pets here. This includes their health, age, temperament, and personalities. We have a small staff and group of dedicated volunteers who try their best to spend time with the pets to give you as much insight as we can into their likes and dislikes, which may not always be a lot. 

We house over 250 dogs every single day here in the facility, and always have something to choose from. We encourage you to make a day of it, bring the family, bring the dogs, and take a look around. You never know what you might find!

We do require you bring your dogs from home to meet and greet any potential dog for adoption in the facility. We do this so they can meet on neutral ground, and get off on the right paw. Keep in mind, not every dog is going to be dog-friendly and not every dog will mesh well with a strange new dog. Our staff is available to assist you in the meeting, and give you an idea if the pets will work well together.

When looking for your new pet keep in mind their age, size, and energy level. Not all dogs are created equal. Some need much more stimulation and exercise than others, which can make or break an adoption experience. Many breeds are challenging, and require more work than others. Do some breed research before committing to a dog, to be sure you have the proper lifestyle certain breeds require. 

Once you've found your forever pet, we can start the adoption process. This process is a simple 15-20 minute contract signing, agreeing to our terms and conditions.


Failure to comply will result in a $500 fine. A warrant for arrest will be issued if the fine goes unpaid.

The fee for dogs range from $20.18-$100. This fee covers the spay or neuter, pain medication for the surgery, 1st - 2nd - 3rd DAPP vaccines, rabies vaccine, and a registered microchip.

The fee for a cat/kitten adoption is $75. This fee covers the spay or neuter, 1st - 2nd - 3rd vaccines, rabies vaccine, and a registered microchip.

These fees are set and cannot be waived, as we spend an additional $200 per animal to cover the procedures they need to leave, along with overhead costs. 

If you have a pet at home of the opposite sex that is not spayed or neutered, we cannot send an unaltered pet home with you. We will have to make other arrangements to have the adopted pet spayed or neutered before leaving the facility, to the best of our abilities. If that is not possible, we will show you animals who are already altered and can leave the facility. We also require a valid Texas driver's license or ID to facilitate an adoption for any animal who cannot be fixed before it leaves. (This is how we track spay or neuter.)

We will not adopt animals to be bred. We are battling a huge overpopulation problem, and our animals will not contribute to it once they leave our care. 

Our dogs and cats must be INSIDE pets, and valued members of the family. They are not disposable, guard dogs or lawn ornaments so please keep that in mind during your search. 

We hope that we can help you find your next forever pet and look forward to seeing you in the shelter!




We reserve the right to refuse an adoption to anyone for any reason.